WHOIS is a protocol which makes it easy to see the information a particular domain name has been registered with through a command line or with the help of special web-based lookup websites. This information includes the names, address and email address of the owner, administrator, technical and billing persons plus the registrar company the domain has been obtained through, the creation and expiration dates. Aside from several country-code TLDs that have certain limitations, the WHOIS information of any domain name can be changed freely at any time, which is quite necessary since in line with the policies of the top-level Internet Corporation, ICANN, all details must be current and valid all of the time. Failing to conform with these policies may result in losing the ownership of a domain and in many cases a domain may even be deleted from the Domain Name System and released for free registration.

Full WHOIS Management in Shared Website Hosting

If you acquire a Linux shared website hosting package from our company, you will be able to handle all domain addresses registered through us using our Hepsia Control Panel. Its advanced Domain Manager tool will allow you to check or update the WHOIS details of your domains with only a few clicks and even handle a number of domain names simultaneously, which will save you time and efforts if you would like to update the email address or the contact number associated with all your domain names, for example. Because several country-code extensions have specific requirements, we can help you with an update 24/7 - for instance, for several TLDs modifying the Registrant names can't be performed automatically, so we can walk you through this process. We've done our absolute best to make sure that Hepsia offers you comprehensive and simple management over the WHOIS information of your domains.