The service uptime for every single shared website hosting account is of significant importance. If you use a server that has frequent issues and your website is not accessible for long periods of time, it is more likely that site visitors will not return. Assuming you have an online store, for example, it will mean lost customers and less financial gain. Your sites could even get penalized by search engines like yahoo with lower rankings regardless of how good their content is. To avoid such a scenario, you should always ensure that the hosting service you get is stable. By doing this, the success of your internet site will depend only on its content and your advertising and marketing campaigns and will not be affected by hosting-related factors that you have no control over.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Website Hosting

We guarantee 99.9% service uptime for every single shared website hosting account on our servers. We use an avant-garde cloud Internet hosting platform in which each and every part of the web hosting service is handled by a different set of servers, thus if one machine fails, the other ones inside the cluster will take over at once. The cloud platform also cuts down the overall load significantly, therefore the hosting service is considerably more stable compared to a service where everything runs on only one machine and your sites are going to perform in the best possible way. In addition, we have redundant Internet lines and diesel backup generators to be sure that your sites will stay online no matter what. Software and hardware firewalls guarantee the proper functioning of the web servers in case of DDoS attacks whereas in the case of any software problem, we have administrators keeping track of the servers 24/7.