Despite of the fact that an average shared website hosting account is generally set up automatically, there're still small setup tasks which are handled manually by the hosting service provider. The set up of a virtual or a dedicated server takes even more efforts due to the fact that a considerable amount of time is spent to install and configure the software and hardware platform, and after that test the server to warrant its correct functioning before it is handed over to the end user. To help cover the time spent on that, a number of suppliers have a set-up fee that you have to pay at the time you acquire your new website hosting package. In some cases, that charge won't appear before you reach the payment page and you will not see it before that on the main page next to the web hosting plan characteristics. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it may vary from a little to a significant amount of money depending upon the company.

Setup Fee in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting packages lack any setup charges or any other concealed fees as a rule. If you purchase your account, we'll process your fee immediately and then your account will be generated and activated by our system instantly. The total cost that you'll have to pay for the web hosting plan is identical all around - on our home, order & payment pages, and you won't notice or be charged anything on top of that price any time. That is valid even when you buy a number of accounts as it's our understanding that creating trust is far more important than getting several more dollars. The account activation is instant, which means that you will be able to go ahead and start building your websites immediately.