Review the presentation video for our dedicated hosting servers. They’re the quintessential website hosting solution, an entire server that’s used by you and you solely.

The dedicated hosting servers, offered by TMWHosting use proven and solid hardware components. In this manner get ready to enjoy a more sturdy server, able to maintain any sort of web sites or web apps. Our servers offer you a assortment of Linux distributions – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu available at sign up. You can also decide on your web hosting control panel – cPanel, DirectAdmin or the Web Site Control Panel. Additionally, you will have a total root access on the dedicated server in the first place. All of our dedicated servers come in the modern USA datacenter and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

With each dedicated server additionally, you will obtain free of charge bonuses at over $400 of value. You’ll get 3 absolutely free dedicated IP addresses, a $300–worth billing panel along with a $100 domain name reseller account.